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    What are good places to flee to from america?
    I'm scared of the giant and growing government, and transition to a police state.
    I want to live somewhere free, & stable. Im thinking Switzerland, Norway, Madagascar
    sorry to those who posted in the other thread and lost what they said.
  2. Depends why your fleeing.
  3. Depends on how much money you have or if you need to work and what you do?

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  5. switzerland is where i would want to live if i had the means to get there..last time i check it had the lowest crime rate in the world (could have changed by now but they would still have to be near the top) and to me little crime=happy people
  6. If fleeing government is the goal, then Switzerland , Norway, Denmark (free christiana) Sweden would NOT be a good choice.

    these are all much more socialist than this "free market" crazy place.

    Mind you is you live in UK then, well....
  7. i wouldn't consider switzerland more socialist than freemarket, but it is a real costly country.. bad choice if you don't have much money.

    but going to Scandinavia to avoid big government? hehe
  8. I've thought about this question a lot in the past year.

    [ame=]Martha Reeves and the Vandellas- Nowhere to Run - YouTube[/ame]

  9. have you been to any of those countries or any countries other than the us?

    a lot of americans always bitch and complain about their lives and their government but they dont understand how good they have it.
  10. Yup. Know-nothing hippies and spoiled rotten complainers who really would do themselves and their country a great service by shutting the fuck up. ;)
  11. Switzerland is VERY expensive. It is nice though, I've been a few times.

    I like Prague and the Czech Republic in general. I really like Southern Germany/ Bavaria too, my grandmother is from a small town called Wallersdorf.

    Australia is nice as well, no reason to leave.

    There are some options in Central America, Belize for example.

    A couple former co-workers and I were thinking about buying an island in Tonga:

    Tonga Islands Real Estate, Welcome to Cocomo Village

    ^ Is a cheap option but we were talking about literally buying our own island.

    Tonga has been seeing large earthquakes though so you'd have to worry about tsunamis.
  12. learn spanish, travel to chilean capitol santiago, head west find the docks, ill have a boat waiting for you there.
  13. I've been considering moving. I've only done very brief research so far, but Canada seems like a pretty good place, Australia also. I like Canada for their lax weed laws and sound economy. They will be hit hard when the Dollar collapses because of the unusually high percentage of US debt that their central bank holds, but the underlying economy and overall monetary policy is fairly sound.

  14. I'm in the process of completing that first step. I'd like to go to south america, to live maybe. Venezuela, Argentina, and now Chile.

    Yo soy muy mal a hablo espanol. Pero, Im trying.
  15. No pantalones. :laughing:
  16. Costa Rica for sure.
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    Im not ready to hand this country over yet.. but if things continue than its New Zealand for me. These neocon warmongering sheeple can have this country when it turns to shit, which we're on our way to.

    The people I feel really bad for are the people from WWI and WWII who gave their lives fighting for this country. What a horrible dis-service these leaders have partook in over the past 50 years.

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