NEW PIX! HELP!! What Are these?

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    these 2 plants are what look like males but im not sure. Check em out!!!
    I pulled off a flower of one and that is the 3rd pic. (Same plant as second pic.)
    The 1st, 4th, and 5th are all the same plant. how would I know if its a hermie? or just pollunated. or a straight up male?

    I have 13 other plants going 9 in one place and 4 in another. These 2 were right next to another male i found a few weeks ago. I found a total of 5 males out of what started as 20 or so. 5 if these 2 are males.
    I believe one is for sure. as for the other pics 1, 4, 5 i'm not sure...
    Even on the one i think is a male. not all of the flowers look like the one I took a pic of. some look normal, this one has balls with what looks to be white pollen which makes me think it's a male.

    I went through and took off a buncha leaves from them both. They havnt really even went through much shock from being ripped out of the ground and thrown in a half filled 5 gal with old left over soil that some of their siblings died in....

    I just want to know if they are actually males so i can throw them out. rahter not have them in my house anyway... I have them on the floor next to my window right now...

    the one on the left is pics 1, 4, 5

    the one on the right is the one i took a flower off of, and looks very male i think.

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  2. I actually have a thread about the same question. Idk i think they are pollinated but im not sure at all.
  3. the second plant looks male to me, not sure about the first. sorry man hope u have some ladies.
  4. the second one looks like its male but im not to sure about the first one its hard to tell. if its not starting off hairs then its a bro
  5. second one is a male, first one - picture is not clear enough really. I think I see some male and fem...
  6. Pull EVERYTHING with Balls !
  7. Pics 2 and 3 certainly male, pull em unless you want seeds, the other pics aren't detailed enough to tell.
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    2,3 definitely males, pic 4 looks like a female.

    The other pics, not enough detail to tell.

    Idk, pic 1 looks like it could be female as well.
  9. THOSE ARE TESTICLES EEEEK! Chop those bastards down!

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