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  1. I just recently picked up a couple of cheap glass pipes at a flea market the other day. Check it out...
    I got all three of them for 10 bucks a piece, a pretty good deal. If you look closely the yellow and blue one are really similar, since the blue once is basically the same shape as the yellow one but twisted. So they're kinda like brothers :hello:
    Though I like the blue-red one better.

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  2. Those are some sweet buys! Where's the market?
  3. I bought these from a this really chill Jamaican guy at a flea market, he has really good deals as well as really extensive knowledge.
    The flea market is at De Anza community college(Cupertino, California) and they host a pretty big flea market on the first Saturday of every month.
    If you don't live too far, the trip definitely will be worth it. He doesn't sell any large glass though, just pipes, grinders(both high and low end), containers, and Bob Marley apparel. I don't think he has that many pieces though, and there is tough competition, and a lot of the good stuff is bought early.
  4. I like that blue one that's twisted. I would buy that one fer sure.
  5. ten bucks is a good deal. those would go for $25 up here

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