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  1. I just purchased a glass spoon pipe with red and yellow swirls. I plan on christening it tonight
  2. A+++++ Best topic ever. Will read again.
  3. cool story bro, also pics or it didnt happen
  4. Bouta post a pic
  5. Like?

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  6. looks nice man
  7. Pics or it didn't happen

  8. [​IMG]
  9. There are two pics
  10. reminds me of mcdonalds.. and no i am not fat :p
  11. Thats what we named it haha
  12. Dude that bitch is sailer than a mug, I love ol macdonald hits like a big Mac!! Blitz squad!!...keep gettin swole blitzes up
  13. LIES.
  14. nice peice bro, reminds me of my first bowl ( but its a lil bit too big for it )
    id name it like cheetohs ir somethign like that haha pce yo
  15. Call it "Ronald's McDong"
  16. Thanks to my bros in blitz squad for helping me christen that fine piece
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    We got you man all day
  18. from the munchies haha :smoke:

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