new pipe!!!!

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    Hey everybody extreamly happy just picked up this new pipe for 45$ its very thick and i just love it lol sorry that he pics are kinda dark.

    EDIT heres some way better pics lol


  2. hey congrats on the new piece! It looks very sturdy and functional. does it have any other color in it that isn't showing due to the darkness of the photo? either way i bet your lovin it.
  3. Sick bowl man, enjoy it
  4. well you cant see it to good but on the inside theres a silver tornado type thing goin on lol so it has sorta a 3D affect if you look at it right but its mostly gold with the purple carb and horns
  5. i just talked to the guy i got it from he says it changes to blue after awhile of smoking outta it so thats pretty cool lol

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