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    Yo guys, my dad let me use his metal sitting pipe without a shotgun and for some reason I think it is literally the best dry piece I've ever used. I was low on weed so I didn't use the big pieces and I still got amazing hits and quite high. (Am I the only who absolutely loves pipes?) Well I've been really wanting my next piece to be a nice pipe that doesnt have a shotgon and I've been really interested in the really long pipes and sherlock pipes. What do you guys think I should get on this site?
    EDIT: BTW how does this work? Is it like a hookah but you just pack the top and and use the tube to inhale or vice versa?
  2. interesting... I like pipes for taking my stuff out and to other places and just a quick few hits but I much prefer something water cooled...
    I also only smoke out of glass, its the best material there is in my opinion.
    finally.... you like having no carb/shotgun? wait until you get a really nasty stale hit
  3. I already have a bong, steamroller and two glass pipes with shotguns. But I was saying this pipe without a shotgun was the best dry piece I've tried and I was looking for another good one. The steamroller is right behind it and the bong is amazing.
  4. You could look into chillums. They don't have carbs on them.

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