New pipe!

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  1. I was going to wait till 4/20 to buy a new pipe, but fuck it :smoke:

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  2. That's sick. Where'd you get it, and how much was it?
  3. It was $70 but a friend and I talk the gal down to $50 :) And just a local headshop called Planet Zong. Building up my glass army!
  4. IMO, you got an amazing price for it. Looks hella dope. The workmanship is awesome.
  5. This is sick! I want one
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    That's a sick little piece, got a name for it? Looks like it could have a cool name

    EDIT: Cyclops or something to do with cyclops would be a cool name

    EDIT 2: I just thought of it... Psychlops!
  7. Nah i haven't named it yet lol. Psychlops is dope though hahaha!

  8. Now you have;)
  9. is that a salt? must not be but looks like one
    price seems to low

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