New Pipe Pickup- Introducing: Nessy

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  1. What up ya'll?

    The other day I went out and decided I better add another pipe to my collection. I knew I wanted something a little higher quality than what I've had in the past and this looked promising. Instead of just following the normal look of a straight piece, this one has a few bends and bubbles and just plain looked unlike anything I had seen before.

    If anyone is from Lincoln, G&G was her home until my ass came along and snatched her up. The owner there tried asking 135 for it until I pointed out some of the cracks. Did a little negotiating and ended up walking away with it for 60 bones.

    Anyway, on with the photo evidence:





    Here's the crack I noticed right away. I'm hoping this won't be too big of a concern. Any thoughts on this?

    I also noticed a line running around the area where the glass curves upwards. Is this just how it has to be made or is it somehow flawed?

    The shroomery arm


    Is there a reason why the blower added a chamber of equal size opposite of the bowl? Since the carb is right behind the stem, I figured this might make the pressures the same leading to a smoother hit.

    Holding this thing is kind of awkward, but I love giving new smokers a challenge when they come over to smoke.

    Now, where did I put you Nessy? Oh there you are. Later dudes and dudettes.
  2. sick pipe man, and good call checking it out and noticing the cracks and getting it for pretty much half priced, enjoy!:p
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    wow, I have held that pipe. Typical Joe though to give it to you for less than half. balding red headed guy that owns the place-Joe. I have over a dozen pieces of glass from g and g I can see right now from where I'm sitting haha. :smoking: It's real funny, he owns a glass shop, but personally only uses a volcano:confused: Sweet though, bein from lincoln, cool pickup.
    Also, I have a sherlock with a semi similiarly located crack that resembles that one. Had the piece...not really sure how long, but approx year and a half. took it to NWMSU with me for a year where it rode around in my glovebox with a bunch of other glass and shit for the whole time I lived int he dorms and shit. have not had any problems, but it's always a pretty good rule of thumb that if the seal is still good (no air is passing through the crack) it's good for gentle use. I have quite a few pieces that i got cracked for cheap from g and g. My brother has one or two as well, and we've really only lost 1 cracked piece, which really, we may have lost more without cracks. So I dunno, I guess it depends on how well you choose to care for it mostly. I wouldn't expect any problems with it getting to hot and popping or anything crazy like that, pretty sure that just doesn't happen not sure why I'd suggest it. anywho, I think i answered some stuff kinda, stoned and rambly, Thanks for stopping by Lincoln...but mostly stay classy
  4. Nice looking pipe man. Too bad about that crack though.
  5. also, if by some weird chance you know Gabe'd be weird, but I'm pretty plausible
  6. I think that weird line is just home the piece was made. It was probably made in two peices then conjoined together.

  7. Joe was pretty laid back about the whole thing. After I pointed out the crack, he was gonna set it aside and have it looked at. Then the man made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I almost wish I would have waited to buy. Just a few days later I stopped in Illuzion for the first time and would have much rather snagged a pipe from them. Selection was better but theres always the next time I guess.

    Have fun at NWMSU if you're still down there. I'm in my final year at the U of N and its far from a good time at this point.
  8. hey man i would love to see the other pipes in your collection if you have some pics of them.
  9. I like your pipe but i would have not bought that because of the cracks

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