New Pipe Needs Name

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by vailtoker2012, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Any ideas?!??

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  2. pretty tight peice just wait til that sucker gets ressined up it will probably get all blue and will look all tight but for the name I have no idea smoke a bowl with your homies and one will come out lol.
  3. If you smoke and can't think of a name then smoke until you think one up.
  4. Dude, that looks shweeeet!

    Name it Eggplant. :metal:
  5. I kinda like the name: helix, the twist down the chamber looks like a DNA Helix kinda.
  6. When i first saw it, it looked like an ice cream cone and I thought of calling it "Brain Candy" since it looks like a brain on an ice cream cone in the first pic. Then I thought of calling it "Krang" like the brain guy from teenage mutant ninja turtles the 90's cartoon. Or how about "Re-Animator" paying homage to the 80's horror movie. Nice piece either way :bongin:
  7. Hutch Pandersnatch.
  8. gotta give it a girls name. it's just more meaningful that way. Daisy is a good one. I'm sure you'll come up with one when you toke.

    My car's name : Emmy
    MY bowls name: Sasha
    My guitar's name: Amber

    I got girls left and right lol

  9. thanks, and i like how u tell different ppl to name their pipes eggplant. You must love that plant.

    yeah, thats a maybe, thanks. i deff see it tho.

    I like brain candy, that may work.

    THanks everyone.:hello::hello:
  10. Time Machine (?)

    mr. mesmerizer!

    swirl twirl
  11. fart wangler.

    butt chocolate.

    marijuana smoking apparatus.
  12. That's definitely a Wanda you got. Either that or a Debbie.

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