New pipe named Kermit :D

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  1. So I got this custom piece from a relatively new smoke shop in town (been there a year starting February 10th). Anyway this piece was in the 'custom' section where they have a glass-blowing artist who makes random pipes to sell, no two the same, and does custom special ones.
    Long story short, here is Kermit :)

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  2. Bad ass man, love the green/clear/white color combination. That filtered mouthpiece is nice as well...

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  3. Sweet man, looks like a neat piece!
  4. Nice piece! How much? (If you don't mind me asking)
  5. Does that thing glow in the dark? I saw a piece similar to that with an octopus design that was glow in the dark.
  6. Price: $30 (original was $40 but got a small discount for buying the grinder you see in the background and a couple glass/metal screens.)
    No it does not glow in the dark, although that would be a legit idea. My friend actually owns an octopus version of my pipe (called the Octopipe). It was made by the same guy, but doesn't glow either.
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    i like the white gecko on it thats sick

    and nice kief bowl!

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