New Pipe, man its been forever Blades

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    well i think the title may just speak of the new name for it, Blades.
    anyways, got out of class earlier this morning and been kinda bummin about this recent girl i just ended it was just ganna spend my valentines pamperin my self and cruised on over to a nearby smokeshop lookin for a peice and this one just caught my eye.. dude asked me if i needed anything else and told him a lighter, threw one in for free :), anyways happy tokin boys and girls. its been quite awhile since ive posted on here. feels good!


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  2. why all the pictures got rotated is beyond me lol
  3. Nice piece, happy tokin, and try to enjoy bein single man, haha

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  4. Nice piece man I like it

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  5. More pictures to show colors

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  6. Is that pink glitter on your pipe?
  7. I like it, really small size you can put it in a small bag. Great for traveling
  8. That dichro! Or atleast I think it's dichro it's ducking sexxxay

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  9. purple glitter but, yes haha. been smoking out of it for a week now and i still cant stop looking at it when im smoking. thanks guys!
  10. Heres a pic to show the size

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