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New Pipe, Long-Time Smoker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ThaJester, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I've been smoking bud for somewhere around 5 years now, which is a long time to me.. and anyway, I bought my first glass pipe about a week ago. I'd smoked out of glass pipe's a lot in the past, just never owned one.. and now I have the pleasure. Anyway, this baby's turning all kinds of beautiful colors but the layer of glass on the inside, which I think is what actually changes colors, is getting coated so badly with resin that my pipe's got a yellow tint to it now.

    What will clean that color out and let the true colors of my pipe fly?
  2. nothing. its either colored and resy'd, or clear and no resy.
  3. it might be color changing glass so it could be starting to change now. i'd give it a bath in hot water and see if it actually changed colors or if it's just the res coloring it
  4. That's how color changing glass is. after a while, the colors will come in thicker and cover the yellow. i just bought a new pipe too, can't wait to see it change
  5. As far as I know, the glass isn't what's changing colors. When the glass is blown, it is "fumed" with evaporated metals laid in the glass. After smoking a bit through the pipe, the resin builds up and the dark color of the resin allows the color of the inlaid metallic layer to show through.
  6. ^^^ I'm enlightened!
  7. keep smoking out of it, the resin will build up a nice red tint after a while, I love that, if you don't like resin smoking or don't like the look clean it using rubbing alcohol and a bit of salt, then scrape it off.
  8. you can also go to your nearest head shop and get 420 cleaner, or something similar to 420 cleaner
  9. I love my little spoon. It's so cool.. everytime I look at it after smoking a couple more bowls in it I can see that it's changing another color. It started out yellow and quickly turned to light blue, then on to a bright navy blue, and now it's turning a nice lime green color.. it's got a couple stripes on it that started out green and red that are now dark dark blue and bright orange too.. so it's pretty cool. I'll take a pic tomorrow and show you guys
  10. The yellow will turn to black which will make the colors turn all cool looking.

  11. ^^^ Right there. It's ok, I didn't know what caused CCG pipes to change for a long time either.

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