New pipe. Don't know how it works.

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  1. My boss gave this to me today, but I have no idea how it works lol... when I inhale it's REALLY hard to inhale, even if I try breathing in slowly. I'm not sure if there's even air going through it.

  2. If it is used then it's probably clogged up. Bend a paperclip straight and poke around in there, Is there black tar looking resin?

    If it's new, then you have not yet fully grasped the concept of the 'carb'.
  3. I bought it new, no air comes through when I cover or uncover the carb. I'm trying to run a paperclip through but it's not working. Is it possible that the glass inside near the bowl melted shut or something? The clip goes through the first twist on the inside, near the mouthpiece, but not the second twist closest to the bowl.
  4. you said your boss gave you it, now you bought it? confused :s
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    I had given him some money to pick one out for me, my bad. Otherwise I would have checked it out first.

    Edit: let me clarify, I made it sound like I was underage. My pipe broke the day before I was going on a small vacation, gave him some money to get me a new pipe so I had one to come back to.
  6. honestly the inside of that bowl pinches pretty bad where the smoke flows through, the glass could of accidentally been blown shut though..

  7. Yeah, that's definitely a possibility. Especially if you can't even get a paper clip through it.

    It does look very tight in some spots.

    If you know the head shop he got it from, I would give them a call. Explain to them that you got a piece which is *completely unused* because it's defective and unusable. They may be willing to exchange it for you.

    I've actually been through a similar situation myself. Got a bubbler that was somehow fused shut and completely unusable. Head shop allowed me to exchange it for a working piece. :smoking:
  8. This is completely unhelpful i know but where the fuck do you work that your *boss* bought you a spoon?
  9. ^lol, you'd be surprised who smokes
  10. dude i got basically the same pipe. It just cloggs extremely easily from the small tubing, just light the unpacked bowl and see if you get some smoke from it or something or use a paperclip to poke whatever is in it out.
  11. Buy this stuff called Simple Green Concentrate. It's a non toxic cleaner that you can re use. So what you do is soak it overnight in the simple green then pour the simple green back into the bottle, clean and rinse your piece and BAM! it's spotless overnight!
  12. Am I the only one who sees the bowl, big bowl-hole and carb? Are you sure you are using it right? I'm pretty sure it works... I see it's brand new too. How can people not see that? And maybe the problem is the 3rd ball, where the bowl is it's too tight? like between the 2 balls?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Have you never used simple green to clean pieces? Before you post something smartass you should look it up :wave:
  15. Looks like something has gone wrong between the bowl and the center of the pipe when being blown. Im no expert but it looks like the smoke cant travel, it looks blocked between the bowl and center of the pipe.
  16. I have an idea. Dip the bowl in water. Then turn it around to see if some water falls through the mouthpiece. If it stays in the bowl part then it's sealed.
  17. i zoomed on the pic and it doesnt seeem that theres a plce for air to pass between the bowl and the middle of the pipe
  18. Yes do the water thing. Put in bowl and see it flows out mouthpiece.
  19. I was gonna day that. Lol.

    ~One Love~
  20. You guys should read before you post, because he stated that he got it new, zero resin. I don't think cleaning it will help :rolleyes:

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