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New pipe but no grinder

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by backwoods_89, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. I'm fairly new to smoking, I've smoked with friends before but it's always been their bud and I'll just toss them a couple bucks but I decided to invest in my own stuff so I ordered a new pipe and grinder from gc last Friday and due to issues with my post office (I live in a small town where the mail only runs when they have enough worth delivering) I didn't get my package until today. So I get home and open my package and the pipe I ordered is there but no grinder. Has anyone else had this issue? I looked all of the confirmation emails I got from gc and they all made it look like they should have came together. I emailed customer service but they won't be able to get back with me till Monday at the earliest so I figured I'd see if y'all had any experience/suggestions to help me out.
  2. You can use scissors instead of grinder.
  3. Yea that's what I'll do for now but I'd like to know where the grinder I paid for is.
  4. I wouldn't worry. A lot of the time, even if your order things from the same website at te same time, they still might be packaged separately. But also, the grinder could be on back order. Perhaps they didn't have it in stock and it took a day to get it in. I'd call customer service. That way you get a direct immediate answer.
  5. I thought about the back order thing but I figured they would have told me something about it being on back order, and everything they sent me said if I had any problems to email them not to call.
  6. Use a clean cheese grater or just a lil square of steel mesh in the same fashion ;)
  7. Yea I figured I'd just use scissors in a shot glass but my main thing is that I paid for it so I'd like to know where it is.

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