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New pink powder drug

Discussion in 'General' started by blind88, May 3, 2007.

  1. Yesterday night I tried some pink powder, smelled like perfume/strawberry. I didn't know what it was, my freind said his dealer freind gave it to him. In total it was like 2.5 grams not much. We sniffed it it had a unpleasent taste, and it wasn't like coke. We both got little high but not much (because it was a very small amount). The next morning i wake up late for class. I wake up, go to my classes 1 hour late. My freinds show me the newspaper 20 min (Zug, Switzerland) it show a picture a pink drug called strawberry, i was quite suprised. It said it was crystal Meth.
    Has any one tried this?
  2. crystal meth? thats not new...

    Don't recall it being pink though, but I don't really know much about that drug at all.

    its definitely a drug ill never do though, thats for sure...
  3. ive heard of this...

    its supposed to be "flavoured coke". they make it taste like strawberry or bannanas...
    ive heard it tastes like shit and not like coke at all but thats what it is ....
    i would have tryed it but i have been clean off of it for two years..... jan 27 '05.... my clean date...
    i still smoke bud of course tho!!!
  4. it was meth. stay away from that shit man. tell your friends as well.

    theres a big deal in the news about it right now. dealers lie about what it is, and the sweet flavour makes it easy to take. people then get addicted to meth, not knowing thats what they where doing.

    "Traffickers are out there and are trying to sell it to customers, whether they are young customers or older, brand-new customers by changing the colour or the taste or just giving it a less-intimidating name, they are trying to make it seem less dangerous and lure this new customer base," Robertson said. "If someone was completely terrified of trying it, it might diminish the threat."

  5. Word. It's bullshit what dealers do to people to make a quick buck. I woiuld try it, but like another person said, been clean.....so w/e....just stay away from it.Smoke weed instead :bongin:

  6. My friend sells that shit. Costs way way way way more than regular coke. It also is alot more potent. They cut it with somthing different that makes it taste like that, not sure what.

    All I know is it's cut with a whole bunch of shit that gets you more fucked up and makes it taste/look different. Weather or not you're getting the coke or meth version I would say to stay away from it. My guess is it's more dangerous than the regular stuff.
  7. its called "strawberry quick", meth is insanely rampant out here. and im thinking there trying to make it flavorful for the youngins.
  8. That's just low. :mad:
  9. Snorting unknown substance ftw!

  10. hmm i dont know what a substance is, BETTER SNIFF IT UP MY NOSE AND FIND OUT! :eek:

  11. Seriously. I would NEVER ingest something if I didn't know what it was. Wow. Common sense FTW.
  12. Just like the others said, it's flavored meth or coke. Don't do anymore of it. Two guys I worked with are dead now because of that addicting poison. If you need a buzz, stick to weed, please.
  13. it actually sounds to me like someone crushed up some adderall balls. It's orangish/pinkish and has somewhat of a fruity flavor. Check into that, adderall is an amphetamine...
  14. All day everyday!
  15. Dude... don't do drugs you don't know what they are :( What if that shit had like rat poison or something and you died?
  16. Then it would prove Darwinism in action :p
  17. Anyone who said it was meth.. I'm sorry, but you're not really knowledgeable about your substances.. If two people snorted 2.5g's fuck dude, they'd be up for a good day or two. He would not have gone to sleep that night, that's for sure.

    Not only that, people don't just "give away" meth. A g of dope runs 100+ around here if you've got a hookup, at least 120+ if you don't, and I live in the ex meth capital of the world. That's money to kill over.
  18. Could have been cut with Nestle's Strawberry Milk powder, and if they snorted the whole 2.5g's (and didn't overdose), it was probably 99.9% Nestle's and .01% meth. Or they may have given them 100% nestle's and are laughing their ass's off.
  19. dealers are cutting meth with kool-aid and strawberry quick. Stay away from meth, dude. it's nasty shit
  20. Ouch. I feel sorry for all people who get cut dope.. I only get ice nowadays, straight from fuckin Mexico. Can't cut ice unless it's with rock salt, and I never smoke the shit, so.. *shrug* I know if any dealers around here cut their shit, they'd disappear pretty quick.

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