New pill with microchip to make sure you take your meds

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by lilro, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Approved: The First Swallowable Electronic Devices | Popular Science

  2. Awesome. Now we need the FDA to approve a pyramid so people can stay healthy and not need these things

  3. I'm worried about this becoming mandatory under ObamaCare. Similar to the annual checks Social Security does for Disability recipients.
  4. I always forget to take my meds, mostly because I don't really need them. But still, I'd like to be reminded with a text.
  5. I hope they put this in MMJ pills for swallowing... this way i can monitor how high i really am... and maybe my phone will remind me when Im not high

  6. Take it to the politics section.
  7. Perfect..more people remembering to take their medicine means better chance of addiction, more addiction means more sales, sales mean profit. Pharmaceutical companies win again!...
  8. "You're going to be healthy, or else"
  9. This sounds like a conspiracy theory mockery joke

    "they're puttin microchips in your medicine maaan, to like control you maaan"

    It'd be funnier if it wasn't true though lol

  10. What's wrong with the Food Pyramid?
  11. [quote name='"Xblunt-manX"']

    What's wrong with the Food Pyramid?[/quote]

    Its pretty bad.

    Waaaaaaay to many cereal grains. But the cereal industry was head of FDA so LOL.

    Too much meat.

    Not enoyght fruits and veggies
  12. ^I never followed that anyway. I workout a lot so I have a different/better diet anyhow. I looked into it and they (gov't) said it's okay for your diet to consist of 35% sugar (soda, hfcs,etc). Whereas real doctors say you shouldn't have any of that shit in your diet. Since when was soda okay for your diet?

    Funny thing now that we are on the topic of sugar. I saw a billboard at walmart that was advertising soda at dinner.

    "Add more pop to your dinner!" *pictures of a family all holding pepsi at dinner*

    That's the last thing we need at dinner lol. Tried looking for the picture on google but couldn't find it.
  13. all you guys on this forum must be on the eastern seaboard.

  14. nothing like enough hfcs to induce vomiting if not for the chemicals in there to nuetralize that effect for a healthy diet.. or you could be on the safe side and drink aspartame sweetened diet soda, it only causes brain lesions after all

    glad im healthy would not care for a microchip in me thank you, still getting over the fact that my cell phone tracks my every move..

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