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  1. Just bought this piece off my friend for 10 dollars this thing Is thick glass any name suggestions? ?

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  2. That's sick, my friend has one like that, he's dropped it many times and it has never broke on him. I would call it Cyclops lol, the way the bowl is shaped reminds me of a cyclops for some reason
  3. Maybe just maybe it was your friend who sold it to me because he told me he dropped it a couple times haha

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  4. i agree with the eye thing.  that is what i first thougt when i looked at that piece.  enjoy it.
  5. Pipe made me thinka Kenny from South Park
    Git higher n a mufukka!!!
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    Thick glass, sweet for 10 bucks but those kind of pipes are ugly imo.
  7. Name it Bertha, kind of big and ugly!  I make glass pipes so I know ugly. I make ugly pipes every day.
    That one is very well made however, the artist had skills and lots of latichino to use.
  8. Its a squid. Name it Squidward
  9. Totem pole

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  10. Fat Boy sounds pretty good

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