New piece to the collection! Thankyou black friday!!!

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  1. Just picked this up today!

    The bong was $4.20
    The AC was $120

    All in all $130ish after tax. I am extremely satisfied.

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  2. where did you get a tube for $4.20??????
  3. Kind Creations! They are having a sale today 30% off everything in the store, buy one full price get a second thing for $4.20 on their in house made glass!
  4. haha damn thats a steal im overloaded with glass as of now so no new purchases for me until i have a place to store them all haha
  5. You can ship a couple to me to make some room :)
  6. Yeah it looks like its worth 4.20
  7. Lol Worth more than that
  8. Nah I'm just kidding but this is worth 420 literally


  9. its not. lol HBG = Mass produced glass for the most part.
  10. Why the fuck is it called home blown glass then and says California crafted
  11. Lol gtfo of my thread if your just going to try to hate. Secondly clean your bong, it looks disgusting. I wouldnt put 4.20 worth of nug in that thing for fear of contaminants. Thirdly I'm happy with it so what eve.
  12. [quote name='"Buddzyy"']Nah I'm just kidding but this is worth 420 literally


    Definitely not worth $420, but that's ok, I'm sure it's smooth and makes you happy.

    But it makes me unhappy to see a piece treated to poorly. Please clean that thing.

    [quote name='"Pauly420"']Lol gtfo of my thread if your just going to try to hate. Secondly clean your bong, it looks disgusting. I wouldnt put 4.20 worth of nug in that thing for fear of contaminants. Thirdly I'm happy with it so what eve.[/quote]


    No need to be so harsh though. I def would smoke out of that piece before cleaning it though.

    Also, really nice pickup for an awesome price, I would love to hit that. The ashcatcher looks awesome!
  13. I personally think you would've been better off getting a sick deal on a tube and spending 4.20 on an A/C but either way very nice grab..A/C looks epic and tube looks nice and clean.
  14. Well i only wanted to spend $150ish or less, and I should have gotten a taller tube for sure. And the AC is fucking flame haha. Idk i was in the moment/baked like yeah this is nasty and a steal. Ill post a better pic of the AC for ya so you can see the gridding
  15. Nice Pieces dude! killer steal

  16. Every company mass produces. Alex K. mass produces ALL of his downstems that you purchase on A-L-T. Zob, Luke Wilson, 2011BC, HVY, SYN, RooR, Illadelph, and sometimes SG, (I could go on and on..) all mass produce glass. Of course if you buy a labeled worked or custom piece you know that it wasn't mass produced. But if the production products are of high quality, what are you complaining about here? I don't understand.

    So people in California are forbidden to have a company called Home Blown Glass because of the fact that they live in... California?

    You make no sense. I just purchased a prototype bubbler from my LHS that was made by HBG. It says CALI SCIENTIFIC in tiny letters on the bottom of the side of the base. How is this hypocritical or anything?

    I didn't come here intending to put on a show for HBG but where is all this hate coming from? My bubbler from them is 7mm glass without a single imperfection. The thing is a fucking tank. I'll probably never buy an actual bong just because of this thing. It's ridiculously awesome.

    To the OP: God I love that label. Killer deal man, I wish that store was here in LV so I could have purchased a rig my self.

  17. And thats the thing; because these pieces are mass produced there is NO way for their to be good quality control. Yeah downstems are mass produced but also require much less work and attention to detail than mass producing a full sized tube. Even then its only one, maybe two, artists pushing out, for example, LW 6 arm tree downstems or SG downstems. I like to know exactly who made my piece and I can say I know exactly who made all the pieces I own.

  18. Until there is an issue with quality control, you can't condemn a company just for using that method of production.

    Is the product fantastic? Yes.
    Is there defects? No.
    Does it fit your needs? Yes.
    Does it keep up with the competition? Yes.
    Is it competitively priced? Yes.
    Was it individually inspected for any impurities? No.

    Where is the wrong then?

    Do you see my logic here?

    The OP probably doesn't know who made his ash catcher even though he went to the shop where it was made.

    Does that make it a piece of shit mass produced glass?
  19. Thanks for all the great comments guys i appreciate it! :) Im highly satisfied!
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    fook da haters brotha, glad youre enjoying it

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