New Piece, The Sidewinder, And Pics Of My Old One :)

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  1. How are my fellow GC browsers. Bought a piece from my dealer about a week and a half ago, but my pc broke, but I'm back, and I brought pictures to share.
    It's called The Sidewinder, retail $100. picked it up nice and dirty with resin for $40. 4 hours in the iso, like brand new.
    She hits like a beast, best investment I have ever made.
    I know this doesn't belong here but here is a pic of a bubbler I also bought from a friend, really nasty again for $20. Thick glass, Also hits like a beast.
    Family Picture
    Also some pictures from our smoke sesh at the park. Really good times.
    Buds this size are rare, not the quality but the size, it was a special occasion when we smoked this whole thing haha.
    Lemme know whatcha think, not many people know about the sidewinder from what i've seen. Feel free to ask any questions.
    Happy Toking :)



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