New Piece She needs a name!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Chapin0723, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. what you guys think?
    She needs a name!!:bongin:

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  2. Marylin Bongroe...
  3. haha thats not bad!
  4. Do you smoke alot with friends? Name her after my ex gf Jenna, She gets passed around like a bong lol!
  5. Roflllll such a vengeful name!
  6. although it would relate :bongin:
  7. Personally, I think you should blaze up and then name her yourself.:smoke:
  8. Hey, I might be missing something, but why put water in the second chamber if the tube doesn't go under it?
  9. "kermhit" Saw the frog on the top.
  10. Agreed, Kermit is tight

  11. Ive Tried and the best me and my friends could come up with was ice ice baby and that was my girlfriends recommendation:eek:

  12. lol i just finished cleaning it so it wasnt pushed in all the way, id even know if filtering the smoke through water 3 times is good or bad but its smooth as fuck :yay:
  13. its good lol its what makes it so smooth:D
  14. name it double trouble
  15. I have a bong named Kermhit!
    Has a little frog next to the bowl to put your finger on.
  16. My friends and I always used to come up with famous Icon names.

    My bong's named Stevie Ray Bong.

    Allen Highverson.
    Lebong James.
    Hillary Puff.
    Barack OBonga.
    George W. Kush

    We came up with more, but frankly I'm stoned as fuck right now.

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