New Piece!!!!!!Pics!!!!!!

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  1. so my glass bowl broke a couple weeks ago and i finally go around to gettin another piece today, my buddy told me this mornin about a head shop that had cheap acrylic bongs, so i got this little guy for $22



    I think im gonna name him Casper, lol
  2. fucking epic.

    this is what I want. something simple that I can milk like that.

    any links to this?
  3. Nice bong man, you got a good buy for $22 :) :smoke:

    Enjoy the herb my friend :)
  4. Not bad a pickup for 22$.
  5. sorry womanizer, the head shop dosnt have a web site

    here's a pic of me about to clear the first hit out of it


    my roommate still dosnt know i got it, im gonna suprise him when he gets home from work lol
  6. *BTW if you have a clear bong and you smoke alot of weed and dont change the water it starts to look nasty fast, 6 bowls through this thing and it looked yellow
  7. thats true with every bong lol
  8. Think about how your lungs look after 6 or 7 bowls, haha.
  9. na i mean but it just looks alot nastier since the bong is clear
  10. sick bong for only $22 man nice
    how's she hit?
    bet your roomate would be more thrilled with a really nice GonG haha
  11. it's little, but its stout, i just smoked a couple bowls out of it with some ice and im baked :smoke: lol.
    haha yeah that would be tight
  12. Thanks Nancy Negative :hello:
  13. don't you mean Negative Nancy?????

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