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    So my old elephant-piece broke(RIP Saggy Sammy), so I picked up this new piece at a smoke shop in the local mall. It was 23 bucks. It's fairly thin glass, but it's color changing, as I JUST found out :smoke:

    Let me know what you guys think :)

    ps; It also needs a name if anyone wants to help me out :cool:


  2. bump because I just smoked another bowl pack :smoke:
  3. Nice piece, you can really see it milk up. Where'd you get that lighter at? Never seen a similar one before.
  4. I got it at the same place I got the piece at.
    The flint at the end of it, the cylinder part, can fold at about 70 degrees, it's nice for lighting pieces, and it's refillable. It says on it "sidekick" if that helps.

  5. The first part of your vid looks like its going to be a gay porn... Haha! then I realized it was your new pipe.

  6. HAHA WOW IT DOES. +Rep.

    I think if I wasn't high, I'd be pissed.

  7. Doobamatic FTW.
    i shall hit it soon :)
  8. No doubt, sen:smoke:
  9. Name the Pipe "Veinie Mcdick" cause it looks like a penis with an apparent Vein problem

    Or "Cherry Popper' cause it looks like it just popped a Virgin's cherry XP
  10. Sick spoon, and +rep for the camel filters haha.
  11. looks like a dick, but cool.
  12. Heres another pic....less dick-like

  13. Yea name it 1 Balll shit looks like a dick with only 1 ball; it is a nice pipe though, I'm not trying to hate with that name suggestion
  14. Name it Dr. PP, no homo. :smoking:
  15. I love it and all,
    but it still looks like a pp.
  16. nice piece, looks a good travel one :)
  17. don't listen 2 these fools name this pimp twist
  18. Ahahh, Thats what I thought too.
  19. I've actually decided to name it that, thanks! :smoke:


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