New piece, joints, and my smoking purse. [lotsa pics]

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  1. I got a new little piece on Monday (I think). It hits very well so I like it. It's pretty short at about 8 inches tall. I wasn't so crazy about the colors at first, but now I like them. The shop I found it at had really good prices. They had cloves for $4.50! Too bad I don't really smoke cigarettes... It was $25 with the downstem.

    The pic makes it look like my fingers were sliced off, but they're not. :)

    My friend gave me several joints, and some salvia. :)

    I got bored so I also wanted to show you guys my mini Game Boy backpack-my smokin' purse. Inside I keep most of my smoking tools and stuff because I'm often walking/taking the bus around town and like to have everything with me.

    Lol. I got this little Game Boy bag several years ago as a kid. I never used it until now.

    Lets look inside:

    Altoids are the perfect little tins for travel smoking. :D

    Pipe, screens, tweezers, and lighter inside


    More lighters, eye drops, and pokey things for resin and bowl-poking.

    Mini flashlights and matchbooks!

    Pens, mint tin for joints and portable ashtray, salt-shaker top for homemade gravities, a plastic thing for holding bud, my Burt's Bees chapstick (my favorite brand), and What?! A crack vial?! Lol just kidding. It's actually an empty bottle of poppers. :laughing:

    And that's it! I usually have a bit more in there, such as money, cigarettes (if I happen to have any), a small glass bubbler (broke), and other stuff.

    What are your guys' little travel/non-travel setups?
  2. nice stuff, but i was kinda blinded by one statement

    you walk around town with all that ? on your back ?

    crazy kids these days
  3. Good stuff, you never know when a session might occur...
  4. Exactly!
  5. yea that pretty dumb to be walking around with all that shit. you get stopped once your f'd
  6. good thinkin', noones searching anyone with a game boy traveling case

    I wouldnt leave it in my car, but definatly handy to leave around your room/bring over a friends
  7. Right on man I have a similer kit that fits into a pencil case..been planning on posting it one day. Has a couple pipes, papers, grinder, lighters, visine, pokey tools, my little oil kit, bud, etc.. I really like that little bong too.

    Used to use that very same altoids tin when i only had a pipe and zig zags:p
  8. Yeah I don't know why but I just have to have all my smoking stuff organized. Yeah I'm happy with the bong. It's pretty portable and I don't need anything too big.

    Ha yeah. Does anyone honestly like Altoids (the mints, not the fruit kind)? I think Altoids are nasty and way overpriced for being so nasty. I only buy them for the tins.
  9. It's not to smart to carry that all around with you. Instead just grab the altoids tin with the pipe and lighter, that's all you need to have with you. It's not like you're ever going to use all of that at once, so why have it with you? Don't risk extra trouble.
  10. dude that bong looks like a dick should call it woody
  11. If your dick looks like that I feel bad for you.
  12. the general shap
  13. hahahha i LOL'd when i read "smoking purse".
    AND i have that same exact GB case from a long ass time ago, i know where it is and all, but i just dont really like the way its shaped.
    Oh and the top part(mouthpiece) of that small bong actually DID remind me of this penis bong i saw online once, just that part of it tho, they look completly diff from that one.
    lmao i wish i knew someone with a penis bong, itd be so funny to watch people smoke out of it.
  14. Yeah I do take a risk in carrying so much with me, but I can't help it. But I don't stand out too much in public, or do anything really overly retarded out in the open. But I often do use a lot of it!

    LoL. Yeah it actually has kind of a lot of padding. The bong is just a little too big to fit inside, but that's ok. I think I'm gonna get another little travel bubbler. :) I actually have another, even older, GB bag that the bong fits in, but I don't like it much cuz it doesn't have much padding.

    Ha! Yeah it does look like a penis, I forgot to mention that. I haven't named it yet. All I could think about were penis-related names.
  15. nice setup you got there, I use a Shure mic case to put all my stuff in, works great.
  16. i have to agree but that is the sickest fuckin bong ive seen in a while...did you get it at a headshop or the internet???
  17. nah nah, i have to agree with him.. it looks like a dick.

    just take a look at the mouthpiece. :laughing:

    but anyway, nice set-up you got there, dude. is that a piece of hash in the 4th pic from the bottom?
  18. It was at a small headshop in town. It was $20 + $5 for the downstem. I think it's some kind of Festival Glass, but idk for sure. Is Festival even a real brand? I never understood... But yeah I like little colored pieces like this. They're pretty cool.

    Lol yeah it has a perfect head shape.

    Ha, I wish. It's an extra screen. I've never had hash before.
  19. Why would you buy a dick bong?
  20. maybe shes a girl? ;)

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