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New Piece in a few days, need help (pics inside)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by steelhound56, May 25, 2010.

  1. #1 steelhound56, May 25, 2010
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    Finally picking up my first "heady" piece after my friend broke my first bowl :(

    But I can't seem to decide which of these two pieces I want to buy. I know I want a dry piece (I already have a bubbler, but the water makes it a pain to lug around...)

    After looking for a few days, here's what I have found...

    This one is a dry hammer, not as fancy as the other one, but very classy looking, and it seems to be well blown and worked (the blower is a member on these forums.)

    The other one is a sherlock style pipe, blown by BTGlassProductions in Portland. The guy seems to make really good pipes, and it looks like he spent some quality time with this one.

    Both are around the same size, with the hammer coming in at 50.00, while the sherlock comes in at 47.00

    Please shoot me some opinions, as I'm extremely torn between these two pieces, and don't really know which one to pick....

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  2. [​IMG]

    it looks pimp
  3. It's a cute little thang... :hello:
  4. i would get something on the larger side.... but i don't feel like spending my entire paycheck on glass when there is bud to be bought... :smoking:

    plus its the perfect size to conceal.... as im in college i cant hide big pieces very well
  5. hahah i want a heady sherly :D
  6. The black one, I enjoy pieces where you cant see your milk, you become a master with hitting it, but when its peoples first time hitting it it kind of surprises them.

    And is very classy.
  7. Yeah i say go for the black one, it looks fuckin boss :D
  8. That sherlock looks awesome
  9. #9 coffey805, May 26, 2010
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    i would say the black hammer, but the mouth piece looks ridiculose, and the mouth piece on the sherlock looks comfertable as fuck, plus its qite the nice pipe id go for the sherlock. Anyway you should decide since you will be smoking out of it.
  10. I might buy that sherlock one, that's how much I like it lol
  11. I dont know that black and white hammer looks kinda hellish... out of alice in wonderland maybe....
    That sherlock is just chill as hell....
    Final answer.... Sherlock :smoke:
  12. yellow and blue sherlock is waaayy sicker imo so yea id go wit the sherlock it looks cooler and will be easier to find due to its brightness lol haha im always loosin shit so bright colors is always good for me

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