New piece i just picked up today...

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  1. This girl from my school told me she had some pieces becuase her friends makes his own and she sells them so i took a look at little bowl that was for 20$ and i thought it was a good deal so i bought it right then and there what you guys think?

    p.s- im gonna try it out later tonight and ill tell you how it hits :smoking:

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  2. Looks pretty solid to me. Nice pickup
  3. for $20 man its a solid deal. All the head shops round' the area I live would charge 30 - 40 for that easily.
  4. Thanks guys:D.... i bought it at school today and i showed all my friends and all they did was talk shit about it and whatnot and i wanted to confirm my beliefs that i actually got a decent piece for a good price.
  5. fuck your friends, they are just jealous.
  6. Yeah i know im pretty sure one of those bums is like "Hey dude can i barrow your piece for the weekend!'' im just gonna be like "oh im sorry i thought it was too shitty for you...dick
  7. Ahh another piece with nobs..i love it...much better grip. I have the same exact piece w/ diff colors and it ran me 40. You got a steal for that. Congrats , enjoy her, and dont let anyone borrow it!...

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