NEW PIECE, Hooray! Honeycomb Spoon, check it out!

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    So I went up to local headshop today to purchase a new piece because my mom confiscated my old one, yikes! She happened to find my small metal one-hitter under the seat of my car. Which fucking sucks because I take many precautions, such as smell-proof containers, which I have showed in some of my pickup threads. Well, I just unlucky and forgot it was under my seat. Oh well, because she's a kick ass mom, she told me today, after flipping out awhile back, that she was cool with it...She doesn't want to see grades slip and shit like that. Only have 2 more years of college left so I'm not worried the least. Now the day is even better because I bought a new Molino Honeycomb Spoon to make up for the loss. Personally, I love it. Hits like a champ and it's thick as hell. Don't let the size fool you, it's quite hefty. And of course, I think it looks cool(honey-comb looks trippy as fuck when your blazed). I hit a bowl of lemon diesel and I swear that I get higher vs. my metal one-hitter (r.i.p). Anyway, I'm gonna add better pics tomorrow, I hate artificial light. Happy tokin':smoking::wave:

  2. Sick spoon man! Molino has some nice looking glass.
  3. wow that is one of the nicest little spoons i have ever seen. the glass work is amazing, and the design on the bowl facing the opposing side of the mouth piece is genius.
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I knew the guy at the headshop really well, and he let me talk him down to 30 bucks for it...and it was definitely the nicest spoon they head...was regularly 55..and that's about how much they go for on the net here.
  5. Looks a bit short but the colors/design is beautiful & its super thick. Enjoy!
  6. Thats a badass piece. Im glad to hear you broke it in with some lemon diesel:smoking:
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    Hell yeah man, this has been some of the best stuff i've ever had, here's a good pic of it. It's so damn frosty

    I actually bought it cause it was short...i need a really small kick ass piece..
  8. That is one rad spoon man, that thing is awsome, it rips nice right?
  9. Yeah, it's hits like a champ dude, really easy pull and super tasty hits, the bowl burns really good too.
  10. Def a killer piece. im a fiend for honeycomb:D so super choice
  11. That pipe is so badass, and your bud looks delicious. :smoke:
  12. Thanks man:D I'm feeling really happy with it. Any suggestions for names? Thinking of something with "Purple ______" since the honeycomb is purple. Purple Penguin? Haha.
  13. Thanks man:D. I'm going to be sad when this bud is gone. Possibly the first bud i've smoked that I really desired to have some serious weight of. I would cry if I had a several ounces of that bud.
  14. purple cells?
    purple planet
    purple space
    purple honeycomb (if you are out of ideas and dont want anything creative...)
    purple skull
    fractured purple
    Ultraviolet shrub/tree (in reference to the green on it)
    Poseidon's skull (the green can be considered blue, looks like something is rising from the sea, bowl looks like a skull sort of...)
  15. I think i've decided to go with The Purple Sabian. Sabi (Say-bee) for short. Haha, I think i'm going with this because I love to play my drums when i'm stoned. Sabian happens to be the cymbals I play. So un-original right? haha:smoking:
  16. awesome spoon man.
  17. Thanks man, I just got done hitting another bowl out of it. I recommend molino, this thing hits like a champ. Flared mouthpiece fits right to your lips.
  18. So wait where can you get a piece like this online for thirty bucks. The hurricane spoons on grasscity dont look anything like the one you pictured. Nice piece btw!

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