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Liquid or zob?

  1. Liquid

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  2. Zob

  1. I'm new to the forum so hello everywone. So I'm currently looking for a new bong. Was wondering if you guys had every came across any of these brands, and what your thoughts are on them. Thanks

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  2. Holy! I just added a bong similar to that on my site for a little over 100 cnd, im not fimilar with liquid or zob. are they good brands?
  3. dont ever pay that... please
    you can get way better pieces online for cheaper. Not to discredit GS, but i go to Thick Ass Glass for my glass.

  4. That's how much they go for everywhere I checked. Was looking into pyrology glass because their local and I know someone that knows them. But still way too expensive
  5. yea, you can get really good bongs for a good price at TAG like im gonna get a 16 inch honey comb perc to spinning splash guard (vortex) straight tube for $80 christmas sale. or get a 14 inch one for, i think, like $60
  6. where are you located?
  7. The Philadelphia area us
  8. Well, it seems a little pricey and if you have your heart set on one of those two, id probably choose the zob

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