New piece, def worth looking at.

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by Kiefsweat, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. picked it up for 130. is awesome. heres a shot from above.

    ere the marble;'

    cool obligatory random shot that i liked and wanted to post also.

    awesome fucking piece, i love it.
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  2. nice glass bro
  3. Love me some bubble trap! sick sherly!
  4. That is awesome!
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  5. thanks guys, the thing about this piece is that its sposed to be a stemless bub, but the bottom part where the stem is coming out was too small so it acts more like a straw haha
    no biggy. ive been eyeballing this piece for almost a year, probably over a year.
    its beautiful.
    the design remonds me of the artwork from 10,000 days Tool album
  6. [quote name='"KiefSweat"']
    the design remonds me of the artwork from 10,000 days Tool album[/quote]

    YES! It does. Did Alex Grey make your sherlock? ;)

  7. idk, i got it from the only non mass produced selling shop we have. the owner blows alot of the glass, even told i could get some custom work done, witch i will be doing.
    he said the piece i got was from around SC or NC?? one of the 2states. cant rmeember.
  8. Ooooh all right. Alex Grey does a lot of the artwork for Tool. You should check his work out. :D
  9. Ima be totally honest..

    That bitch is fuking sickkkkkkkk..
  10. Awh man why cant i find beautiful glass like this
  11. the colors look like peacock feathers. i had a peacock in my yard once. that was cool as shit.
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  12. oh shit, it does look like a peacock, i didnt even think of that!!!
  13. nice share
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  14. That's rad as hell.
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  15. this is beautiful, how much? lhs or online?
  16. If you read the thread you would know the answer.

    The price was $130 OP said in his original post.

    Another post of OP's mentioned he bought it at a LHS.

    Awesome pickup.
  17. fuck yea, ^^ hahahaha
    thanks guys
    i actually decided to try putting some water in it yeterday, and found that i actually got it to work!!!
    so now its a stemless bubbler.
  18. Looks sick
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  19. That things amazing, would totally drop 120 for something like that.. Nice pickup!
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  20. Damn! That's so fucking dope!!!!!!!!

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