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new piece, broke.. =[

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JoeyFyed, May 15, 2006.

  1. So i picked up a new spoon today from the vapor room in pasadena, as soon as i walked in my door excited about using this since my vaporizer broke ive had nothing else to use. Well, i walk in, close the door behind me and it slips thru my hands since i had my keys in the same hand i couldnt grip it to well =[. Anyways, just a few pieces of glass broke off so i glued it back on. Couldnt find at super glue so i just used some clear nail polish to piece it back together, it holds perfect, but I was just wondering if its still safe to smoke. The flame is gonna be no where near where the glue is, its basically just around the mouth piece since that was the only spot that broke...So, go ahead and chime in if you think its safe or not.... =] Thanks in advance....:mad: :wave: :D
  2. I guess let it dry for a day, i dont see how it could hurt if the flame isn't on it. That sucks man, how much did that spoon cost?
  3. It was only 20$, its double glass, all clear with a few red swirls on it. CCG as well. Sucks tho, i couldnt even use it once before it broke =[... I guess imma let it dry for like 15 mins, blow dry it some more and toke it up.... I'll prolly throw it out after a few uses now =/
  4. if youre just gonna throw it out you might as well sell it to some kid for like 30 bucks and go buy a new one
  5. Dont throw it out dude send it to me or something I need a bowl Ill take that bitch off your hands.
  6. ya sell it to a HS kid thell buy it
  7. Man tha sucks donkey dong, I hope you can get a new one. Good luck either way it swings, JOE>
  8. Thats the responsible thing to do :)

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