new piece and some blueberry

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  1. picked up a half o of some blueberry the nugs are cured perfectly, nice and dense. smell is tantalizing, cant wait to smoke it.
    also got this chillum for personal bowls only, named it luigi.

    what you guys think?

    ps i might have to take some more pictures of the blueberry they didnt turn out as good as i thought, i would take some now but i just stashed it in my car and its 2:30 dont wanna wake the parents

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  2. that looks downright fuckin scrumptious
  3. would smoke
  4. from omaha huh well shit we might get blueberry from the same place wish i some rite now hav fun tokin :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  5. bump, with some pictures that are a little more in focus
    nugs are very sparkly when you look close at them, unfortunately my camera doesnt take close ups

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  6. dude that is a sweet ass chillum! i love cool chillums...
    and those budz look perfectly cured and trimmed
    +rep fo sho :cool:
  7. not gonna lie, just looking at the bud gave me the munchies
  8. That is an awesome looking chillum man, good pick up. Those nugs are huge! They look like they get you high. +rep
  9. i love me some blueberry
  10. nice lookin chillum, even nicer nugs

  11. thanks for the rep, the chillum is changing colors nicely, its actually turning orange instead of the usual blue which is kinda nice.
  12. Nice lookin Fire bro....wish i could find some blueberry :cool:
  13. im diggin the chillum:smoking:
  14. nice looking blueberry. oh and BTW were those buds on a tub of gummis from walmart? I always end up going down there to buy candy when I'm high...that's prob why I have no money
  15. thanks. and yes that candy is from walmart, very observant of you

  16. haha hell yea, always buy candy from walmart
  17. Tight bud and I really dig your chillum.
  18. wow im from omaha too what a rare occurance...we should meet up sometime it looks like you get bombs jmoney_sik xx...
  19. looks dank bro.. very nice!

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