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  1. so i went into a local headshop today planning on just wasting some time while waiting for a friend, and i came out with this. It was 40 bucks, i really like the overall feel of the piece: thick glass, big carb, nice size bowl but not too big, and it just feels really nice while holding it. plus you gotta like the rasta color combo in there:cool:

    pickup is sour diesel

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  2. nice piece
    nice buds
    nice post
  3. Looks like some good nugs to break in that beauty you call a bowl.:smoking:
  4. Looks great, love the "for tobacco use only" with a big one right next to it.
  5. thanks guys, ill have to post some pictures after i toke a few bowls from it, since its color changing glass
  6. daaamn, nice looking buds dude.
  7. lookin dank man! nice!
  8. chill piece man, its pretty tight cept for the small bowl but otherwise, nice. and thats some good luck bud ya got there. mmhh new glass:D
  9. did u get that at geos?
  10. yes i did
  11. thats going to look sick once its resined
  12. I like the sticker :-D
  13. Nice pickup, and nice bud man!

  14. ya the circles in the honey comb are really starting to pop, looks pretty sick
  15. hey you arent using that for tobacco use dare you...hahah jp thats a pretty sweet piece you picked up.
  16. I'd call that thing Skeeter after that show.

    sick piece, keep the tobacco only sticker on there just for giggles
  17. That looks like the NYCD that some people were calling Sour Diesel.
    So I would imagine that what it is. Just trust me on this one jmoney.:smoking:
  18. nice that sticker.
  19. your probably right, he might have just said diesel and i assumed it was sour D. idk but it was pretty good none the less

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