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  1. Hey guys I just got this new glass pipe. Tell me what you think and give me name suggestions. I will add more pics in a minute

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  2. Another pic

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  3. Nice pickup. The lines remind me of a centipede or something. Or maybe a zipper. No idea what to call it but very nice piece!
  4. Name: Seaweed
  5. I was kinda thinking vortex or something cause it sounds cool, and the lines are kinda swirly like a whirlpool and it's like the color of water. Or does that sound stupid?
  6. Kinda looks like a Jacobs Ladder
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    Shut up.
  8. Nice bowl man. Looks like some crazy plasma type shit haha.
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    Thanks man it hits great.
  10. nice piece...enjoy :smoke:
  11. Sweet colors on it. Nice pickup.

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