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new piece and chron

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. well, i lost my spoon, so i decided to get a new one. i got this spoon, the papers and filters all for $13 canadian.

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  2. heres some new bud, and a B i rolled to test it out

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  3. one last pic

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  4. that looks fuckin amazing. happy tokin, bud.
  5. those are some tasty looking nuggets, enjoy
  6. thats it, im packin my bag(gies). CANADA HERE ME COMES =)
  7. holy shits man! good deal. and good lookin bud
  8. that piece looks very nice, im thinking of buying myself one. :)

  9. if ur serious, u wont regret it, i love this place

    it hits really good, and the glass is thick and of good quality. only thing is the bowl is a bit small
  10. almost all of spoons' bowls are too small.
  11. that is some green green. very nice.
  12. shit, i wanna be able to roll a blunt like that. i wanna be able to roll a kickass joint too....i've heard everybody talk about www.everybodydoesit.com to check out videos, but i dont see one for blunt rolling. some of u pros at that shit gotta help a brother out!
  13. that looks like some really good bud, and nice blunt
  14. I like how the papers says Cannabis then it says cigarette rolling paper. LOL. Nice bud and blunt and piece, have fun with that.
  15. 13$? That's fucking amazing. A nice glass pipe up here is at least 25 dollars. Where do you live, Alberta, BC? Cool papers as well. Bob Marleys are the best IMO. I also like the blunt you got going there, it's phat. One of my favourite ways to smoke, it leaves a sweet taste.

  16. it was priced at 20, but i give the head shop all my business, so they gave me a deal kinda as a token of appreciation. yes i live in alberta, im lookin into moving to Vancouver island soon, just because the winters arent as cold. summer is about the same temps. and i only use those o cannabis papers for bigger joints (theyre 1 1/2) . i will be using nothing but those papers on canada day, gotta be patriotic. and swaenK, i notice ur from alberta too, if u are ever in edmonton check out Shell Shock, best priced head shop ive ever seen
  17. Nice deal on the piece. It's pretty slick.

    and props on the blunt, that's a nice roll.

    Props on the bud too :p

    Those are some sick nugs.

    I definitely know where im goin if that damn draft bill gets passed...

  18. ..any help?
  19. Just practice. Buy a box of Swisher Sweets and a half oz and just sit down and roll. Nothing helps more than practice.

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