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new piece and 3 ozs of herb for free!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin_orc, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. when i was getting something for my mother out of the attic luggage, ice chest, glass chandeler for my dad to fix i opened up the suitcase to see wht was in it and low and behold i find 3 ozs of shake and a little bit of bud from when my mom grew and a glass piece. i guess she forgot about it and when my mom left brought it out of its hiding place and smoked:smoking: a nice bowl before i went to work. im soo happy and missed this since i had been out of herb for like 2 weeks now.

    will post pics of new piece when i can get my fiences dig cam....
  2. Verg good find.
  3. isnt the shake going to be like..old..and..dry?
    But, good find
  4. i wouldnt mind a free 3 ounces... even if its old and dry
  5. killer find man nothing better than finding 3zips of homegrown :D
  6. Post some pics! Sounds like you found the motherload!
  7. thanks guys!!!!! it is a little dry but not too bad!!!!! the spoon hits like a dream and almost knocking on my ass a 1/2 hr ago...god i miss this feeling!!!! YEA!!!
  8. 3 ozs is alot of weed to find
  9. Yo0u sure it was 3 oz's? Thats alot of pot to find, but either weay roll up a fatty for me.
  10. was it wrapped in anything to preserve it? how long was it up there would you estimate?
  11. Pics needed!
  12. With no pics I am skeptical. But finding bud, no matter the amount, is always awesome. Enjoy the high!
  13. yeah it is
  14. you should turn all that shit into oil, for max potency
    How old do you think it is?
  15. damn 3 oz man you sure it was that much shake thats alot of fucken shake but anyway nice find man:)
  16. are you sure that it isnt actually one of your parents stash?......if it is, it would be kinda a dick move to take it all
  17. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. How do you know she forgot about it? Maybe they are just really good at hiding their use.
  18. Be like other parents when they find out their kid smokes. Give them the third degree. :)
  19. no it wasnt it was when me and my dad were up there smokeing he left it there and hasent said anything about it for like 2 months now and i think he forgot about it so it was fair going to barrow my fiences dig cam to take pics of it on monday and will try to get the pics up that night if my computer doenst fuck up. whts really cool the colors on the piece are almost the same color of my mini bong

    i could prob be wrong on the amount since i dont have a scale to weigh it!!!!!!

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