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  1. I have $250 that I want to use towards a new piece...I can't have anything too big because I still have to be able to hide it in the cabinet...I already have a vaporizer and a regular pipe...any advice?
  2. well you could get a nice bubbler (prob in the $100 to $200 range), or you could buy a nice maybe 2 foot RooR (or whatever size you can fit in your closet)

    if you do get a bong, just make sure you get high quality glass man!
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    You can get an ~ 18" Roor, Illy, Toro for that much. They aren't that big, easy to hide, easy to clean, high quality. Oh, and they hit like beasts.

    Or, look around for stemless tubes. I hear they hit really well, I never had the opportunity to hit one before (that I can remember) but I hear they are awesome, so that's my next tube to purchase.
  4. Get a bong! It doesn't even have to be big, I bought a really nice glass on glass 1 foot stemless tube for $80 and it hits really well. Of course with like 150 you could get something around a foot and a half( or more) with thick stable maybe even brand name glass. If you want something small and portable, you could buy a big fancy bubbler for 100 or so, it really just depends what you want. Whatever you do make sure to get fairly thick glass and inspect every inch of it before purchasing. I suggest to look around at online headships just to get a feel for what you want a nd thn go to a headship in person and pick out something that catches your eye.
  5. Yeah get yourself a glass bong by roor
  6. WTF is up with ROOR, what is it exactly that makes them superior to all other glass? Most of it is made in the USA now anyway, what's the hype all about? Glass is glass, yes of course quality matters but roor is not the top of the line if you only got 250
  7. get a real nice GONG bong man!!!
  8. Get an illy and maybe an ashcatcher. I have an 18 inch 5mm tube from them and it is the best money I have ever spent on a piece.

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