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New piece advice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bro41, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. hey i wanna buy a new hand piece and am wondering what you think are the best kind and why?

  2. bubbler
    1. relatively small
    2. Very smooth
    3. very portable

  3. Depends, completely.

    I'd say bubblers aren't portable, a pain in the ass, but very smooth.

    If all in all, you just want a simple pipe, go for a spoon or a taster.

    Steamrollers are cool, but you look like a crackhead. Chillums are cool...but my favourite for all over portability, discrete"ness"...and etc, go for a small spoon.

    For realz.:eek:

  4. I like bubblers, because its like a mix between spoon and bong, depending on size they are very portable, and hit way better than a spoon
  5. but inst it a hassle filling it up with water?

    i go on drives a lot so its kinda tough
  6. Exactly my reason for stating they are a pain in the ass.

    A spoon is your best bet for driving/on the go smoking. Trust me, I've been doing this since you were in diapers.

  7. i wouldn't call them very portable. they're quite portable, more so than bongs, but if portability is what you want buy a metal or wooden pipe. no water, either.

    pipes are:

    generally cheap
    high quality if wooden
    no water, no spillage, no nasty bong water smell
    easy to use
    will never break as long as they're not glass

    however they can be harsh.
  8. i say a bubbler man... they're portable and water filtered.... or yo u can get a slide to a bong and either hit it like a bat or stick it into a soda bottle and have an instant bong
  9. Small bubblers are good

    Bought one that was maybe 3" tall for about $35 at planet K and it was perfect. Fits in your pocket and hits better then a dry pipe
  10. they really do hit smoother... may not be as hard but i 'd choose smooth over hard... its truley a water pipe
  11. any other
  12. personally if you are looking to smoke in your car i would just suggest a blunt or a joint, and i perfer bubblers or bongs if you are in a good environment. Bongs if you have plenty of space and a bubbler if you want to bring it some where and chill.
  13. Who says water has to be used? You can use it dry and it will work the same as a spoon.
  14. i have a bunch of different pieces and i would agrue about the portability of a bubbler.. i bring my bubbler in the car, it sits perfectly in my cup holders and waters free.. you can go through any drive through and ask for a cup of water.
    As long as you get a relatively small one it shouldn't be a hassle, water is easy to come by and the cooled water hits are much better than spoons.

    Different occassions can call for different pipes.. it depends mostly on how/where you do your smoking.

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