*New Pieace* pic!!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by White Smoke, May 31, 2009.

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  2. bump it up!
  3. Cool first piece! Mine was like that but it was 40 dollars. I'm not friends with the kid that bought it for me anymore. :)
  4. lol well it's not my first pieace. About my 5th, but still it's hard to beat 9 bucks for this quality! :D
  5. mines almost just like that.
    but longer.
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    yea i reli don't like the shortness all that much but it is easier to hide i guess. I still like it though :D.
  7. nice, looks like a decent pipe for 9 bucks. A little short but still nice
  8. *piece lol
  9. thats sick for 9 bucks
  10. my friend has the same piece
  11. I have had 3 of those,
    and Steve'o has one in his Demise and Rise Special
    3 for $15 sale a couple weeks ago got em for my brother,

    NVM*** Mine are the longer versions not quite the nose burner but yea Steve'o has the longer ones
  12. my first pipe was just like that

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