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Discussion in 'General' started by sirene, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. hey :)

    i was going to put this in the art section .. and then in the media one, but i decided here. Hope thats ok :p

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  2. looking good. What's your shirt say?
  3. well helloooo! :)
  4. Independant ... like the skate board company :)


    p.s. < --- i was totally stoned in that pic ! ...LOL
  5. heres another one .... im SO addicted to my camera .. someone take it away .. PLEASE ... LOL

    I recently did a sitting for an artist friend, and ill be SURE to ask if i can put some of the sketches up :)


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  6. I see it now, thought there was an "EV" at the begining :D
  7. No, no one take it away! we would ALL miss out then!
  8. Awsome... always great to see some new faces around here... :D

    and whats your tatto of a butterfly?

    hope to be seein more of you around here... an hey if ya tend to get camera crazy....

    post em here...

    or try to search the what are you wearing thread...

    actually, just gave me an idea or two... :p thanks
  9. you are pretty
  10. you are very pretty sirene
  11. you're beautiful
  12. god yall, your making me blush .. LOL.

    Im not really, but thanks anyways.

  13. i think you are
  14. O.O

    Very nice looking. No one ever better take a camera away from you. Would be a travesty.
  15. looking good

  16. yup! :wave:
  17. haha i dont know if these guys are deprived of women or something but this girl isnt very attractive. tight that you smoke and shit though, that could make you more attractive.
  18. listen to told, he speaks the truth
  19. i think she's cute!

    keep postin pics!

    i wish more people would post more pics..........GRAVVVYYYY;)
    lets see those baby blues!
  20. l was gonna delete that post but l think l,ll leave it.

    Maybe they might delete it themselves when they read it :D

    edit lol,and if l was 30 years younger ,

    stml,ha ha ha

    pretty cute :D

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