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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. roomate brought a camera home from work. Heres the current type of weed ive been smokin on the last week. This stuff came from one of the canibus clubs out here (for those that dont know a canibus club is a clinic that sells weed to people with the proper id and paperwork). Some very good weed, soaked in crystals just the way i like it :)

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  2. perdy. turn it to ashes.
  3. mmmm yummy, doesnt look far off some beautiful chronic i had the other week.

    enjoy my friend!!
  4. looks yummy man....hows the taste? do u know what strain?
  5. hehe.... "turn it to ashes" haha nice
  6. i concur
  7. that's some crazy lookin herb. is it safe to assume that it's almost pure indica since it's medicinal? what cities in cali have clubs?
  8. what do u have to do to convince them to sell u weed in the canibus clubs ? do u get fake id and paperwork or something?
  9. i think you probably have to get written permission from a doctor, psychiatrist, therapists, or something of that nature.
  10. how hard would it be to forge that :)
  11. *uncomprehenderable speech due to drooling effect from picture*
  12. nice bud, looks really good! have fun smokin

  13. It would probably be tough to forge it. But I bet it wouldn't be that hard to find a doctor that would be willing to give you the paperwork you need.

  14. you get the actual id card from whatever club your going too, basically you have to be approved to become a member. to be approved you need to have paperwork form a doctor saying they think you could benefit from marijuana. Im sure its hard to forge cause im sure they call the doctor and talk to him/her and im sure they do background checks and shit like that. You could probally find a shady doctor to hook you up but ive never been able to find one.

    Everyone i know that has a id card either really do have something that allows them to smoke or they just faked something like migranes or something. Since a membership only lasts a yr then they review your status you could do something like mess up your back at work and proballyu get approved.

    CallMeHerb: i dont know how many cities have canibus clubs but i know oakland has like 12 or some shit. I know san diego has some, hayward has some , san fransico has some , berkely has some , ukiah has some , orange county has some. So no matter where you live in california you could probally find one within 20-30mins unless you live in the middle of no where. Theres so many cause medical marijuana has been legal in california for 8 years now under prop. 215. Its still illegal federally though so there is the ocassional raid or arrests but over the past couple yrs california has been winning the fight with the government. Ed Rosthenial was busted for like 100 plants and the feds put him on trial and the judge only sentanced him to a day in jail time served since it he was growing the weed for a canibus club. wa couple months ago there was a law passed that says the feds cant do raids on legitmate medical marijuana fields, the government is taking it to a higher court though and will probally win.
  15. booooo don't trick the cannabis clubs all u ppl that are considering it. it only hurts the cause for medical marijuana.
    if u don't have a condition, stick to getting herb thru ur dealers/growing it urselves. it's easier and cheaper, and u aren't hurting a great cause.
  16. *emptys the bubbler, sets it aside, and lights a cig*

    Now if I had some of what you're puffin on right now, I probably wouldn't have been able to do what I just did. I just polished off the last of some shake that I have been saving for a month or so... So yeh, what's the smoke like? Spicy? Fruity? Skunky? Piney? Harsh-hitting, or creeper stone? ....oh yeh, and does it seem to be a sativa dominant or indica dominant stone? Sorry for all the questions :p. I feel my talkative side trying to come out even though I haven't slept in 24 hours.

  17. You can't even get it in your state, so that isn't even an option. :p ...Unless you're going to move just to do that...which seems sort of pointless if you know how to grow....well...pointless and shady regardless...

    "It can all start...with a seed.."
    -Gypsy Nirvana
  18. thats some lovly pot

  19. Where is one with an ID allowed to toke? Only in private settings I assume, or only at their own residence? Are they allowed to carry it with them whereever they want, so long as they aren't toking it? Just wondering, thanks.
  20. thccrystals: yeah pretty much just in your own home. I mean just like you cant stand on the street and drink a beer you cant smoke a joint.... Some clubs have places you can smoke like a upstairs lounge or shit like it just depends where you go..

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