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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, May 15, 2004.

  1. half lb of blueberry

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  2. close up of a nug

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  3. some cash flow

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  4. badly rolled fattie, took 14 normal sized zig zags. this is the best i could do when faded

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  5. yo thats a lot of weed

  6. thank you, that thing was going for like an hour, my eyes felt like they were throbbing after, i looked in the mirror and they looked like they were dripping blood..boy was i high
    btw, what do u have growing ??
  7. lookin good luda.. wish there was more blueberry down here... but the only people growin out dont really know what they're doin

    i got a bag like that now, accept its full of shiskaberry, bell, p91, and ak47

    if you ever come down to california.. we need to match bowls
  8. holy fuck! that is a lot of fucking marijuana. how much did that cost, and how much money u got there in that pic?
  9. that looks absolutely wonderful

  10. that there cost a g, theres about 8 gs in that pic

  11. no doubt
  12. send me a nug please!!
  13. damn u always got nice bud!!!
  14. excellent bud at awesome prices ... shit a qper of blue would cost me more than that half ... heh keep smokin and keep that cash flow rolling..
  15. about to go spark this up with my cousin

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  16. so this is totally off topic hear.
    but what do you do for your money?
    Like you have a job? Or do you just deal?


  17. i do not deal marijuana, if uve seen any other pic posts by me u would notice i buy 1/8 and 1/4s and shit. i do NOT sell weed. but i dont have a job
  18. cool.
    so you just buy large quantitys compared to dubs and whatnot?
    coo coo
  19. yummmmmmm

    i can almost smell it

  20. i buy whatevr i can, if i have sufficient funds

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