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  1. Newbie to growing

    I have 4 CheeseWreck(48daysold) and 1 BlueCheese(14daysold) ..
    Growing in a cuboard..400watt hps.. Extractor, humidifyer, and fans.. Soil Pre-Mix growing.. 18/6 light schudule..water 200ml e/p every 2-3days and fert ' Terra Vega' every 2nd water with a simple spray moistly over top soil and flush thru with 200ml water..
    Tallest is 1ft and other are jus inchs off that..B.Cheese is onli 4inch..bless lol
    .. My temp sits at 34.c cant get it nooo lower and RH sits at like 30-50% !

    Just puttin pixs onto her to get sum feedback on wat im doing wrong etc.. IF ??

    And just wonderin if ne1 cud help me on the Flowering stage e.g when etc

    Soo if any 1 cud helpp u'd be a life saver

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  2. let the small one catch up before you throw them all into flowering. once hes about a ft tall you can induce flowering and they'll be lookin good. might as well let the other guys veg for a bit more while the wee one catches up!
  3. does the humidifier help with the heat??
  4. Yes dus alot of difference :)
  5. What is the blue appliance in the pic? the other a humidifier?
  6. anuva humidifyer??? where? i hav 1 humidyfyer 2 fans , 1 light wif ballast and 5 plants
  7. looks like a nice little setup

    if the temps start to cause trouble just throw in another fan

    keep it up, gd luck with it

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