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New Pickup, What Do You Do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Infin1ty, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Alright so last night I got in touch with my hook up and got a FAT quarter of some high mids. As I was breaking it up, I started thinking "I wonder how people do this same thing" Basically I want to know what your ritual is when you first get your bag home. Do you go in immediately and break/grind everything before you even roll your first joint/pack your first bowl, or do you take it out and break it up as you need it?

    I like to get everything broken up and ground up before I even have my first joint out the bag. Makes storage easier in my opinion, and makes for less effort in the future.
  2. its easier for me to just break it up bowl by bowl, doesnt really take too long anyways.
  3. I come home, fill up my bong with ice, weigh my bag, grind up enough for a bowl, pack said bowl, put water into the bong (with ice), smoke, then I grind up the rest and fill up my pill bottle(s).
  4. Yea i just grind my stuff as i go along, no need to grind it all up at once, ive got time to spare for that.
  5. I get home, weigh first thing. then i take it out and inspect the bud. Looking for any mold or anything in the liking. Also looking to see if it looks good. And then i smell it. After that i go and get my bowl out of my smoking drawer, I start with the small buds so i have a big bud left when im almost out. I pack the bowl. Smoke it. Then i break up enough for a blunt and roll it. Then finally, after about an hour and a half i transport my bud to the mason jar.
  6. When I get my stuff home I usually roll up a j and smoke that. Then I'll roll a couple more just to save for later. I usually just break it up as I go, I don't have a grinder either, I prefer to do it with my fingers. Then if I don't feel like cleaning any then I always have those couple j's rolled and ready to go. Also, I'll take like a gram or the nicest bud out of the bag and put it away in a little pill bottle and I'll save it till the sack is gone. Then I have the finest bud of the lot and I get to smoke that if I'm dry between pickups. Then if I still have it after I get my next bag I'll smoke it if what I have is better, and if it's not, I save it. It just gets better and better every time I change it.
  7. when i get home with my bag i smell it and examine it closely. then i take enough out the bag to roll a nice spliff and put the rest of it in my mason jar. then i go get high. the rest of my sac usually gets packed into my gear bong or i take swats out of my bowl.
  8. i examine it then take a couple of snaps out of the weed fo later
  9. I have no rituals. I do whatever the fuck I feel like.
  10. #10 Budder81, Sep 4, 2008
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    I'll make sure I have a decent job and connect so I will NEVER have to break up sticks and seeds.

    But as for dank, I'll pick up and pack bowls immediately.

    As for the people who inspect their bud when they get home, DO IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!!!!
  11. First thing I do when I get my shit is weigh it out and inspect it for mold or anything, then I pick up my favorite piece and grind up enough for a bowl and light up while listening to some music and watching a little tv.
  12. I normally take bud shots and put them on my computer, then proceed to re-check that the weed is of the payed for quality, haha, then I break it up bowl by bowl once in awhile I'll break up the whole sack, but if I'm in a pinch for money, it makes it hard to sell if it's ground ya know?
  13. I might snap some macro shots (better than my eyes can see) and then pack some bowls. Then just store it in a glass jar.
  14. i like to grind it up and not keep it in nugs then put it in my ipod stealth stash box or my grand theft auto IV lock box
  15. that makes no sense because a quarter is 7 grams. it cant be 8 or 6 a quarter is 7.
  16. i use the gta lock bax as a stash too. I put a mason jar in that bitch

  17. I understand that, but if I got let's say 10 grams, it's much easier for my personally so just say I got a fat quarter. Regardless I still paid the same price I would have for the 7 grams, so in my mind I'm thinking "fat quarter" Don't mess with my system man :smoke:
  18. Generally, i put my penis in it. Bad habit yeah yeah, but its tradition

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