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New Pickup + Weekend Plans

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Knox, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hey all! :D

    Just got back from my friend's place where I picked up a 1/2 ounce of this nug for this upcoming weekend. My friends and I are all leaving school on Friday afternoon and we're going to spend the entire weekend at my house on Cape Cod. The parents gave the OK a couple of weeks ago so we're all set! I know it's only Tuesday, but I couldn't hold back my anticipation! It's goin to be a weekend full of barbecuing, drinkin and most of all, BLAZING!

    Here are some of the closeup shots that came out the best, I'm still getting accustomed to the macro mode:




    And some yummy trics :D

    So there you have it. They're pretty good quality beasters, and for only $120 for the 1/2 oz. its not too pricey either.

    What are the other blades up to this weekend? :D
  2. I'll meet you down there.... just kidding, nice bud man, good to see that bud coming out of Mass!
  3. you should definetly let me come to the cape... hahaha... ill bring a halfie myself... sounds like a sick plan dude! i hope the weather picks up for your trip, mass has been getting some shiite weather latley! pick up looks choice! :p enjoy!
  4. thats some good herb right there
  5. holy shit, thats the same weed i have, id bet on it. cept ive had mine for awhile so its drying out, needs an orange peel. and i payed the same u did.
  6. Just rolled a fatty for the car ride down :D

    Have a great weekend GC! :wave:
  7. hey man, great nugs, great price, and sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! wish i was chillin with you man. i'll rep you if i can...
  8. You best be takin some pictures if your able to remember! Looks like so good herb. Little steep in the price to me but i live on the other side of the country...Hope your weekend is chill as fuck and that halfs gone by sunday :smoke:
  9. yeah yeah nice

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