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New Pickup UnNamed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Killerflee, May 25, 2009.

  1. So today I picked up a Half O of some amazing stuff. Really crystaly on the insidewith a heavy lemon scent and taste.
    And some other stuff, not as dank, but still dank. Really dense nugs, no real special smell, really sticky.

    On top of all this I went to Olympia and got myself a bunch of shirts and a nice poster. Along with my first vaporizer, its a copy of the vaporbrothers handsfree, and I love it.:hello:
  2. looks good bro, looks like some shit my guy was calling straight kush, but i dunno either way i remember it not being so frosty on outside but upon crackin open a nug the realisation of the dankness occurs. Lol. :smoking:
  3. the first 2 pictures look like some dank that was bricked but none the less still looks nice and if it smokes good who cares
  4. looks like high mids.
  5. well jobes it's not, that's some dank that is just a tad leafy. looks nice man. how's the high?
  6. nice stuff you got yourself, hey maybe its not dank but it still looks pretty nice. have fun toking :)
  7. nice bud man
  8. Yeah the pictures are not good, the high is great, nice smooth heavy head high. Definitely not mids baha. It wasnt bricked up, the guy just shoved it all into a smaller airtight container. Sorry I couldn't get more pictures up, it wasnt my camera and they wanted it back.

  9. Lol are you saying the guy you got it from asked you for his weed back after you bought it? haha

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