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New Pickup - Triple A (Chronic)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PEACE_ESKIMO, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Just picked this up, GREAT weed. Very crystaly, and a very smooth smoke. It doesn't burn very fast, but the hits are decent size. I really like this, one of the best pickups I have ever had.

    PS: I live in the Chicago Land area.

    Big Nug 1:

    Big Nug 2:

    Small Nug (lots of crystals):

    Med Nug:
  2. flame nugs bro im from the milwaukee area really flame bud around here these days
  3. I'd love to be rolling a fatty up with that stuff.

  4. Right on man those do look like some pretty dank buds, save one for money's 4/20 smoke! :smoking:
  5. That is what I would love to smoke. Best of luck killing that forestry.;)
  6. Glad you all liked it! i will continue to post my pickups like this.
  7. nice lookin nugs, enjoy:smoking:

  8. Wow, lucky for you. I'm a bit north of mil and it's been dry as a bitch lately. I found some bomb nug yesterday but I had to pay 60$ for the eighth.
  9. Nice Pick Up!!! Im in the northwest suburbs...U must be pretty close 2 me.
  10. I just picked up an eighth of this and its dank like no other
  11. looks way sticky bro, have fun!!!

  12. i live up by northwest suburbs to what town you live in?
  13. haha I go to the same school as peace eskimo
    this bud is just covered in crystals and it smells great

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