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New Pickup: Train Wreck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mushie, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Here is some train wreck from northern cali. It has a nice taste and a real "stoney" high, with a really sweet scent.

  2. loookin good :)
  3. hell yeah i love trainwreck .:smoking:
  4. that trainwreck looks so dank, awesome pickup
  5. a lot hairier than the tw ive been hitting. yours looks beautiful. does it have that wonderful lemony pine sol smell
  6. looks nice, i still have to smoke trainwreck...:(
  7. Looks very nice.
  8. Just smoke some organic Trainwreck today in fact. Stoney is the perfect word for it.
  9. trainwreck is amazing
  10. # Camera Make = SONY
    # Camera Model = DSC-W55

    nice budz man, trainwreck is a strain i really wanna try

  11. thanks, this is actually my first pickup from a connect i found yesterday who lives down the street haha.

    Hes a real cool "hippy" type guy (older)

    its got a fruity smell, i love taking of whif of it from my mason jar haha.
    Got me real high.
  12. goood pick up man +rep for the trainwreck which is my fav. strain
  13. Trainwreck is one of my favorites too. It was floating around here a few weeks ago.
  14. i recently picked up three zips of trainwreck for 350$...

    but it hit my guys so hard we started callin it planewreck...kinda caught on haha

    anyways dank nugs i love TW

  15. lol it so happens that planewreck is actually already a strain. trainwreck X something i forgot
  16. nice pics:hello: love trainwreck
  17. Beautiful man. I love it.

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