New pickup: StoneGlassWorks Rasta Inline A/C + Royal Rasta ice-pinch slide [PICS]

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  1. :hello::hello:

    i pulled the trigger!

    i met preston a few days ago and ever since I have been set on picking up something from stoneglassworks! this inline ashcatcher was destined to be matched with my new rasta SG it's crazy how nicely the worked sections complement each other

    this is my first piece with an inline and i'm really liking how this hits! i forsee some sort of inline tube to be next on my shopping list! :cool:

    enough talking, here are some quick shots. i'll post better ones up tomorrow, the weather here is just too shitty today lol





  2. Incredible bong you have there sir, is there some kind of funky glasswork inside the bowl, almost looks as tho it were a built in screen type of dealy
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    your glass is whack as fuck

    please no name calling
  4. im diggin it. really nice man. i wanna see some close ups of that inline!

    how do you like the bowls with X in them instead of O
  5. HIGH END! Congrats! What a piece of art.
  6. very nice!!!

  7. thanks everyone!

    it seems to flow alot better but i just have to pack the bowl with larger pieces than I normally do to prevent sucking greens through

    photoshoot tomorrow!
  8. ^^ You should try a disc diffused slide ;) I have one.

  9. Sounds interesting! Can't imagine what it looks like, how's it work?
  10. instead of pinches going to the center. it has rings that lmost look like a spider web or soething. heard the flow is ridiculous, but almost too much. they are definitely interesting, but i like my ice pinches lol.
  11. Nice set-up man!

    but i vote that you get different colored keck clips

    haha not really a big deal tho

  12. beautiful set, nice pick up!

  13. indeed the flow is absolutely ridiculous (it'll be hard to keep a piece fully milked) but personally I prefer them over ice pinches because of how much bud gets sucked through on those. dd slides are more like a built in glass screen:

  14. :eek: that is too sick.

    OP: +rep, sorry for commenting on someone else's slide on your thread :smoking:
  15. Very nice glass art, hope it brings you a lot of enjoyment.
  16. no I hear you loud and clear man! I'm so OCD I haven't figured out which color keck clip to use? Yellow? Black? Clear? Maybe one red one green and keep the rasta theme goin? hahaha :smoking:

    thanks!! :cool:

    WOW! that looks great I need to get myself one of those!

    thanks! it's quite a big hit still getting used to using it as a DD lol
  17. just to go back on these disc diffused slides.... no slide comes close to it functionality wise. They flow like no other and nothing falls through. I use mine everytime i smoke bubble hash, and all the time for bud as well.

  18. sounds enticing, who are some artists making these?
  19. Luke Wilson is the only guy I know of. Lucky for us he is pretty local and drops stuff off at glassworks from time to time. however nothing of his is in stock atm. :(

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