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NEW Pickup! Sooo sticky!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by atlbuds, May 27, 2009.

  1. Just picked this up today. This bud is ridiculously sticky. Orange and white hairs.



  2. damn dude that looks like some straight fire, hows the high?
  3. nice man. great bud. looks nice and fluffy.

  4. Got me sky high. Burns slow though since its so sticky and fresh.

  5. sooo bomb.

    ATL?send some of that down to south fl hahaha

  6. prolly some of the best lookin buds ive seen on this site so far..:smoking:

  7. Hahah

    Thanks bro:D:smoking:
  8. real nice pickup dude. smoke up:bongin:
  9. redicoulous looking dank man.
  10. daamn thats some chronic
  11. wrong...
  12. damn nice hairy bud :smoking:

  13. your a dumbass
  14. Nice looking bud! How much did you pick up?
  15. two zips. just got done seshin with Closet Smoker and perc. Ripping the toro with this shit and his 4-cross strained bud. Im sure he will post some pics in his thread:D:smoking:

    P.S. I got a sick glass pick up on the way
  16. mhmm....

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