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New Pickup: Purple Trainwreck + Pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MR. widow, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I picked up about 4 gs for $60 (Although I only show the rest of it, for reasons only certain members would know). My guy said its called Purple Trainwreck. It looks kinda like the trainwreck I once had, but it tastes different, and has adozen times as many red hairs on it. The buds look kinda red from like a foot or more a way, this is probably do to the buds having purple, orange, red, and green in it. There are little spots of purple everywhere, and there seems to be more red/orange hairs than green leaves! The buds smell kinda fruity, but a nice floral smell could also describe it. The high is nice, and allows you to have a pretty clear mind.

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  2. fucking ******

  3. Damn! You better be picking up more of that soon. I need to try it.
  4. absolute boomting!
  5. dank nuggiez
  6. Its got me walking into furniture, losing wallets and keys and shit.
  7. thats some pretty dank lookin shit lol
  8. damn! looks like the trainwreck I picked up last week but PURPLE. Ha those are some blazin nugz enjoy. :smoke:

  9. you said it brother

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