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New pickup post. Yum blue.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 9mmADS, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. No one comments my posts much so im not gonna post much more here. Take a look. :)

    I just picked up 5 strains with really good macros I might post them if i get bored later.


  2. Looks potent:smoking:
    and just because you think nobody comments on your posts, doesn't mean you should stop posting pics.
  3. amazing bud. enjoy
  4. daaaaaannkkk :smoking: awesome bud man.
  5. nah dont stop posting pics man. thats some real dank. good shit
  6. please post this in the "Your mids are not my mids" thread, this is dank
  7. holy of the nicest buds ive ever seen
  8. thats freakin amazing

  9. Direct me to the post and I will post a diff pic of it in there that is better.

    Here is another nug of the same strain, a little less blue/purple but on the inside the color is there.

    The white spots are covered in trich's obviously i wish my cam was better. :(

    Blue Mutant

  10. wow you have amazing bud
  11. damn, that looks insaaaane!
  12. Fuck you get the best of the best man! if yoou dont post anymore ur insane!
  13. Bro why would you stop posting pics? that is some incredibly dank bud. enjoy it.

  14. I suppose youre right :hello:



  15. Thats some nice dank you got there my friend.
  16. wow those rhino pics were SICK. Ya man keep it up
  17. That is some colourful ass bud, trippin me out over here :smoking:
  18. :eek: All your buds make me want to say 1 thing. I LOVE YOU!
  19. I just want to get those rhino crystals and run em all along my gums.. sickkk buds man keep the pictures coming! Just out of curiosity did you grow those rhinos?

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